At GKLM, you're not a conventional 9 to 5 worker who has to just complete a set of assigned tasks in a given time frame. Every one of you is a budding entrepreneur, who has the opportunity to idealize and actualize inventive solution for problems around us. Moreover, when that happens, you go beyond the professional promises we make to our clients, taking the Relationship beyond the Contract. It not only leads to personal satisfaction but your work gets recognized as well as rewarded.

Here, at GKLM, we urge our representatives to develop with a continuous enhancement of their personal skillset, benefitting the range of operations that GKLM conducts. This healthy culture of entrepreneurship is a consequence of GKLM’s Employees first work methods, enable and support our workers at all levels of their association with us, in order to create satisfying answers for operational as well as client challenges.

This energetic culture rouses each worker to adapt to present circumstances of being not just an Entrepreneur but an Ideapreneuras well, and changing our representatives into thought driven business carriers, with the capacity to change the Entrepreneurial scene and bring constructive results.


At GKLM, we run an Internship and Training Program, through which we enlist gifted parallel and new ability from establishments to perform different errands for our worldwide and territorial clients. This program goes for giving testing chances to understudies seeking after instruction from top B Schools to grandstand their ability, take part in learning, and pick up presentation of the corporate world.

On the off chance that you are great at operations then we have pertinent parts for you or on the off chance that you are great in procedure then you can work in a vital capacity. At GKLML, you are your own particular ace and you can direct your vocation way in the way you covet.

The objective of this activity is to give passage level graduates a chance to deal with advancement extends that intrigue them. They take a shot at the most recent forms in developing advances, thusly soak up information, and pick up ability in center ranges. GKLM rewards the individuals who show activity, think of creative thoughts, and exhibit high expertise levels and the inclination to enhance ability and information. Truth be told, at GKLM, profession development relies on upon the ability level and not on the quantity of years spent working in the association.

Thusly, the enrolled people have boundless chances to expand their ability, enhance their insight, pick up involvement and quick track their vocation.


Do you have the enthusiasm to exceed expectations, inclination to be innovative, a ceaseless hunger for learning and the yearning to develop? At that point, GKLM is the ideal place for you since we concentrate on building a culture of advancement and leap forward considering, which brings about esteem creation. The workplace and corporate culture guarantees your own and expert advancement alongside the general development of the association.

GKLM dispatches a 100% Placement Oriented program which can give you specialized and delicate expertise update with situation. In recent years we have prepared a great deal of applicants and out of which we can put effectively in different businesses. GKLM offers imaginative learning strategies to conquer any hindrance between Academic and Practical Knowledge accordingly sharpening and planning understudies to meet the difficulties in corporate world.


GKLM gives you a checked affirmation course alternative and you will likewise get a teacher marked declaration with the organization's logo to confirm your accomplishment and increment your employment prospects. You can build up the mastery businesses are searching for through a progression of abilities based courses. You can likewise take courses on your calendar and get scholarly credit without an application or transcript at a small amount of the cost.

A progression of graduate-level courses to propel your profession or quicken your Master's degree. Perceived by industry pioneers, GKLM gives sought after aptitudes and basic information to emerge. Work towards on program declaration to show competency in a particular branch of knowledge and a level of accomplishment.

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