Python Certification & Training

GKLM's Python Certification Training will make you an expert in Python programming. Learn Python the Big data way with integration of Machine learning, Pig, Hive and Web Scraping through Beautiful soup. You earn Python Certification after completion of this training.

About The Course

This certification course on Python is a complete course outlined at GKLM to help you to unmistakably comprehend the programming dialect. In this preparation you will learn both the fundamental and propelled ideas of Python like machine learning, Hadoop streaming, MapReduce in Python.

Course Objectives

During the Python Certification & Training

  1. Ace the Basic and Advanced Concepts of Python
  2. Comprehend Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows, Python Editors and IDE's
  3. Ace the Concepts of Sequences and File operations
  4. Figure out how to utilize and create functions, sorting different elements, Lambda work, blunder taking care of systems and Regular expressions ans utilizing modules in Python
  5. Pick up ability in machine learning utilizing Python and construct a Real Life Machine Learning application
  6. Comprehend the managed and unsupervised learning and ideas of Scikit-Learn
  7. Ace the ideas of MapReduce in Hadoop and figure out how to compose Complex MapReduce programs.
  8. Comprehend what is PIG and HIVE, Streaming element in Hadoop, MapReduce work running with Python.
  9. Executing a PIG UDF in Python, Writing a HIVE UDF in Python, Pydoop as well as MRjob Basics.
  10. Ace the ideas of Web scratching in Python.
  11. Take a shot at an ongoing venture on Big Data Analytics utilizing Python and pick up hands on venture understanding.

Python Introduction
Getting started with Python, general purpose, highly versatile and powerful,Various benefits of using Python
Python Installation & Basics
Installing Python for different OS –Windows, Linux, Python Integrated Development Environment, Python environment variables, running Python programming, various Object and Data types in Python.
The OOP Concepts
Objectoriented programming concepts, various builtin and userdefined functions of Python, introduction to Python Methods, Lists, Tuples, Strings, Loops, flow of control in program, Python Syntax, documentation.
Comprehensive Python study
The file system, defining a class, handling of file, various types of exception handling, API in Python database, Python SQLite.
Deploying Python on Hadoop
Understanding Hadoop and its various components, Hadoop ecosystem and Hadoop common, HDFS and MapReduce Architecture, Python scripting for MapReduce Jobs on Hadoop framework.
Python Components and Functions
Understanding Python core concepts, familiarizing with the Python Dictionary, various Functions in Python including Lambda function, extensive Python Libraries
Python Machine Learning
Machine learning concepts, how Python works in machine learning setup, building machine learning algorithms, supervised and unsupervised learning, Pandas data structures in Python, working with data and deploying in real world scenarios.
File System/Sandbox Management
Managing the Sandbox, learning about Sandbox remote login, working with HDFS file system and the Mapper and Reducer functions.
Scikitlearn in Python Machine learning
Machine data mining and analysis using Scikitlearn, advantages of Scikitlearn like accessibility and reusability, using Scikitlearn for data classification, clustering and reprocessing.

This course is intended for clearing the GKLM Tech Python Certification Exam.
During this training you will take a shot at real time projects and assignments that have huge ramifications in the real world industry situation accordingly helping you quick track your vocation easily.
Toward the finish of this training program there will be tests that flawlessly mirror the kind of inquiries asked in the individual affirmation exams and helps you score better stamps in confirmation exam.
GKLM Tech Course Completion Certification will be awarded on the completion of Project work (on expert review) and upon scoring of at least 60% marks in the quiz.

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Python was designed to be easy to understand and fun to use 1. Easy to Understand 2. Very Flexible 3. Scalable

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