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To secure executive buy-in for social marketing strategies and larger, dedicated budgets digital and marketing leaders need to confidently demonstrate how social media efforts are contributing to an organizations broader business goals. Maturing from an experiment to a core business strategy, social media is now an impactful marketing channel that needs to compete against other channels for budget, resources, and respect. This means that social, like other channels, has to prove its return on investment. However, beyond simply proving the impact on the organization, measuring and tracking social media return on investment (ROI) accurately also lets marketers put more time and resources into whats working, and improve the tactics that are not delivering real value. To help you evaluate your social media ROI, we have put together the following guide.

About The Course

GKLM Tech is Measuring Social Media ROI course will help in understanding the ideas of online networking ROI which advertisers PR experts and business administrators can use to decide the achievement of their showcasing and web-based social networking efforts. The course will likewise cover procedures to send an estimation structure. This is an ace class course containing a sum of four hours of addresses clarifying the ideas you have to handle to build up an online networking nearness including linkages to procedure showcasing correspondence and monetary results. The second part will incorporate ROI on its crude hard measurements appearance: the expenses and advantages of online networking.

Course Objectives

During the Measuring Social Media ROI Training

  1. See how web-based social networking is connected to the organization methodology
  2. Know how web-based social networking can affect organization comes about
  3. Figure out how to characterize measure and compute the ROI of online networking
  4. Arrange your Strategy and Balance Scorecard
  5. Think about the Marketing and Leveraging the 4 P is
  6. Which Sales Model works for you?
  7. Comprehend your Business Vale Proposition: Exploring the 9 Areas

1. Basics of Social Media ROI

Learning Objectives In this module you will understand the basic concepts of social media ROI and how social media marketing can impact business from the broader strategy to the sales pipeline.
Topics What is Social Media ROI Why it should be measured Basics of business: strategy marketing and sales Nine areas in which social media improves your business The social media plan.

2. Social Media ROI into Practice

Learning Objectives In this module you will learn how to plan for an adequate measuring strategy what needs to be measured and how to calculate social media ROI.
Topics The ROI of Marketing Costs of social media Benefits of social media Measuring social media ROI in practice.

At the end of your course you will work on a real time Project. You will receive a Problem Statement along with a dataset to work.
Once you are successfully through with the project reviewed by an expert you will be awarded a certificate with a performance based grading.
If your project is not approved in 1st attempt you can take additional assistance to understand the concepts better and reattempt the Project free of cost.

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