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ITIL Foundation preparing from GKLM Tech is intended to guarantee that you clear the ITIL exam in the main endeavor. The ITIL Foundation confirmation is considered as the section level capability in the field of ITIL accreditation way. Our preparation concentrates on the key components ideas and wordings related with ITIL benefit lifecycle administration. It incorporates ITIL Lifecycle Phase Interactions and Outcomes ITSM procedures and Service Management best practices

About The Course

This program will give master applied and reasonable bits of knowledge on the subtleties of venture organizing and financing procedures, readiness of DPRs, cost estimations and determining, budgetary displaying for venture financing, hazard relief approaches, introduction of proposition to banks, loan specialists' evaluation, transaction of term sheets, foundation financing system, engineer's hazard and return point of view and complexities of framework financing term sheets.

Course Objectives

During the ITIL Service Transition Training

  1. Find out about IT Service Management best practices non specific ideas key standards and ITIL 2011 process models that are required to clear the ITIL Foundation exam
  2. Gain an extensive comprehension of the reason goal and extent of administration procedure benefit configuration benefit move benefit operations and Continual Service Improvement
  3. Learn how to apply ITIL apparatuses methods and ideas to enhance proficiency and adequacy in business changes to enhance client encounter
  4. Understand how to apply lean standards and mechanize standard undertakings to enhance proficiency of ITSM procedures
  5. Save expenses by bringing together exercises and groups utilizing very much characterized fit for reason and fit for utilize forms.

  1. Introduction to Service Transition
  2. Learning Objectives In this module you will focus on introduction of the service transition and its core concepts. Topics Purpose & Goal of Service Transition Scope of Service Transition Value to Business Context of Service Transition in relation to all other lifecycle stages.
  3. Service Transition Principles
  4. Learning Objectives In this module you will learn about the knowledge interpretation and analysis of service transition principles along with best practices for effective service transition. Topics Knowledge Interpretation & Analysis of Service Transition Best practices for effective transition Service Transition inputs & outputs for effective transition Service Transition Performance & Typical metrics.
  5. Service Transition Process
  6. Learning Objectives In this module you will learn about the managerial & supervisory aspects of ITIL processes covered in the service transition stage but excludes day to day operation of process which is covered in RCV capability module. Understanding the Purpose Scope & Objective of each service transition process and they generate value Topics Managerial & Supervisory aspects of ITIL Processes in the service transition stage Purpose & Objective of different service transition process.
  7. Managing People through Service Transition
  8. Learning Objectives In this module you will be introduced to a high level view of the communication and stakeholder management activities. The topics include managing communication commitment organizational change and stakeholder change. Topics Managing Communication Commitment & Understanding changes in terms of organizational & stakeholder aspects.
  9. Organizing for Service Transition
  10. Learning Objectives In this module you will get to understand roles and responsibilities and organizational structure that are appropriate with service transition. Service Transition roles and responsibilities are reviewed along with organizational context of service transition Topics Roles & Responsibilities and organizational structure for service transition based on organizational context of service transition.
  11. Technology Considerations
  12. Learning Objectives In this module you will understand the technology considerations of service transition. The technology role is explored as well as how it should be designed in and mechanisms for maintaining and maximizing benefits from the technology. Topics Technology considerations of service transition design & mechanism for maximizing benefit from the technology.
  13. Implementing Service Transition
  14. Learning Objectives In this module you will understand the implementation and improvement of service transition in an organization. Topics Implementation & Improvement of service transition.
  15. Challenges Critical Success Factors and Risks
  16. Learning Objectives In this module you will be able to understand the challenges critical success factorsCSF facing transition and how risk mitigation contributes to service transition. Topics CSF facing transition Risk Mitigation to service transition.

At the end of your course you will work on a real time Project. You will receive a Problem Statement along with a dataset to work.
Once you are successfully through with the project reviewed by an expert you will be awarded a certificate with a performance based grading.
If your project is not approved in 1st attempt you can take additional assistance to understand the concepts better and reattempt the Project free of cost.

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Many aspects of Knowledge Management were available under multiple processes in ITIL v2. ITIL v3 brought all those processes under a new head of Knowledge Management. For example, Problem Management handled managing the Known Error Database; this is still available in ITIL v3. However, in ITIL v3 Knowledge Management has emerged as one central process for providing knowledge to all IT Service Management processes thus avoiding rediscovery at any stage.

The processes in the Service Transition module help organizations and professionals to manage better and implement changes in the process in line to userís expectations. It also covers the management of technology challenges and risks associated with the transition. If you are a configuration manager or a change manager or wish to get familiar with the knowledge around change management, then a certification in Service transition might be of help

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