Apache Solr Certification And Training

This preparation gives you the abilities expected to work with Apache Solr which is an effective open source stage for seeking and ordering sites and documents. A portion of the significant themes secured are prologue to Apache Lucene Solr Installation Deploying Sorting Indexing and Updating mappings. You will likewise find out about the Apache Solr Cloud and its components.

About The Course

The Apache Solr course at GKLMTech confers the learning and abilities to utilize and embrace the most mainstream Enterprise Grade Search Engine. This stage is utilized to give quick and adaptable hunt highlights. This course likewise empowers the learners to acquaint themselves with the ideas of Apache Lucene and Solr stage alongside the ideas of center Lucene APIs and Solr elements of Indexing, Searching, Enhanced Features, Configurations, Administration, SolrCloud and Hands-on continuous venture utilizing Solr 4.

Course Objectives

During the Apache Solr Certification And Training

  1. Take in the ideas of Apache Solr and its focal points
  2. Comprehend versatile blame tolerant components of Solr
  3. Apache SolrCloud setup for disseminated ordering and inquiry
  4. Utilize Solr4 on a NoSQL store
  5. Ongoing pursuit and ordering thoughts
  6. SolrCloud group stack adjusting
  7. Screen scale keep up and tune SolrCloud
  8. Genuine Apache Solr ventures

Apache Solr Course Content
  1. Fundamentals of Search Engine and Apache Lucene
  2. Introduction to the search engine the Apache Lucene understanding the inverted index documents and fields & documents.
  3. Analyzers in Lucene
  4. Introduction to the various query types available in Lucene and clear understanding of these.
  5. Exploring Apache Lucene
  6. Understanding the prerequisites for using Apache Lucene learning about the querying process analyzers scoring boosting faceting grouping highlighting the various types of geographical and spatial searches introduction to Apache Tika.
  7. Apache Lucene Demonstration
  8. Demonstration of the Apache Lucene workings.
  9. Apache Lucene advanced
  10. Understanding the Analyzer Query Parser in Apache Lucene Query Object Stopword.
  11. Advance topics of Apache Lucene practical
  12. Understanding the various aspects of Apache Lucene like Scoring Boosting Highlighting Faceting and Grouping
  13. Apache Solr
  14. Introduction to Apache Solr the advantages of Apache Solr over Apache Lucene the basic system requirements for using Apache Solr introduction to Cores in Apache Solr.
  15. Apache Solr Indexing
  16. Introduction to the Apache Solr indexing index using built in data import handler and post tool understanding the Solrj Client and configuration of Solrj Client.
  17. Solr Indexing continued
  18. Demonstrating the Book Store use cases with Solr Indexing with practical examples learning to build Schema the field field types CopyField and Dynamic Field understanding how to add explore update and delete using Solrj.
  19. Apache Solr Searching
  20. The various aspects of Apache Solr search like sorting pagination an overview of the request parameters faceting and highlighting.
  21. Deep dive into Apache Solr
  22. Understanding the Request Handlers defining and mapping to search components highlighting and faceting updating managed schemas request parameters hardwiring adding fields to default search the various types of Analyzers Parsers Tokenizers.
  23. Apache Solr continued
  24. Grouping of results in Apache Solr Parse queries functions fuzzy query in Apache Solr.
  25. Extended Features
  26. The extended features in Apache Solr learning about Pseudo fields Pseudo Joins Spell Check suggestions Geospatial Search multi language search stop words and synonyms.
  27. Multicore
  28. Understanding the concept of Multicore in Solr the creation of Multicore in Solr the need of Multicore Joining of data Replication and Ping Handler.
  29. Administration & SolrCloud
  30. Understanding the SolrCloud the concept of Sharding indexing and replication in Apache SolrCloud the working of Apache SolrCloud distributed requests reading and writng slide fault tolerance cluster coordination using Apache ZooKeeper.
  31. Apache Solr Project
  32. Project Designing and developing simple ecommerce search engine database
  33. Topics : This project involves deploying Apache Solr for search engine database design. You will be exposed to real world scenarios in the eCommerce domains like searching customer history purchase order personalization targeted marketing opportunities and more using Solr.

This training course is designed for clearing the GKLM Tech Apache Solr Certification Exam. As part of this training you will be working on real time projects and assignments that have immense implications in the real world industry scenario thus helping you fast track your career effortlessly.
At the end of this training program there will be a quiz that is in perfect sync with the GKLM Tech certification exam and helps you score better marks.
The certification will be awarded upon successfully completing the projects and assignments upon expert review and on scoring of at least 60 Percent marks in the quiz.

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Practicals will be finished by the members in light of the showings given in the recordings and assignments. Edureka will help you setup Virtual Box Cent OS condition for handy purposes. The well ordered establishment guide will be accessible in the LMS.

GKLMTech will help you setup the VM which will have all the required programming for Solr Lab/Practical Work. The definite well ordered establishment aides will be available in your LMS which will help you to introduce and setup the required programming for the course.

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