Linux Fundamentals Training

This course will give you a decent working information of Linux from both a graphical and charge line point of view permitting you to effortlessly explore through any of the significant Linux disseminations.

About The Course

This course will give you a decent working learning of Linux from both a graphical and summon line point of view permitting you to effortlessly explore through any of the real Linux conveyances. You will learn things like:

  1. The historical backdrop of Linux
  2. Step by step instructions to introduce Linux
  3. Step by step instructions to utilize the Graphical User Interface
  4. Step by step instructions to control Linux utilizing the charge line
  5. Fundamental Linux security
  6. Furthermore, substantially more..

Course Objectives

During the Linux Fundamentals Training

After the fulfillment of the Linux Fundamentals Course at GKLM Tech you ought to have the capacity to:

  1. Introduce Linux
  2. Set bit parameters
  3. Introduce and evacuate programming
  4. Oversee framework administrations
  5. Include another client account
  6. Adjust and erase client accounts
  7. Record framework administration and security administration
  8. Comprehend Linux Networking
  9. Make arrange setup and design
  10. Arrange BIND to work as a reserving just DNS server
  11. Arrange and reload the DNS by utilizing murder or ndc
  12. Design Apache server
  13. Introduce and design hostile to infections clamAV and LMD
  14. Design virtual machines.

1. Installation and Initialization
Learning Objectives: In this module you will understand how to install Linux. You will learn partitions package selections and post install configurations.

Topics: Installation Package Selection First Boot: Post Install Configuration Anatomy of a Kickstart File Command line Introduction to Bash Shell Stream text editor grep sed and awk System Initialization Starting the Boot Process: GRUB Run Levels.

2. User Administration
Learning Objectives In this module we will learn the concept of user administration in Linux. We also learn how to add new user account modify and delete existing user account. We will also discuss network users and file permission techniques

Topics Adding a New User Account User Private Groups Modifying / Deleting User Accounts Group Administration Password Aging Policies Switching Accounts sudo Network Users Authentication Configuration SUID and SGID Executable SGID Directories The Sticky Bit Default File Permissions Access Control Lists ACLs Annie is Quizzes LAB Q & A Quick Recap.

3. Boot and Package Management
Learning Objectives In this module you will learn about boot management system configuring services to run at boot. You will understand package management which includes installing and removing software and updating a Kernel RPM.

Topics Setting kernel parameters Configuring services to run at boot Securing single user mode su login Shutting down and rebooting the system RPM Package Manager Installing and Removing Software Updating a Kernel RPM rpm Queries rpm Verification About yum Using yum Searching packages/files Configuring Additional Repositories Apt get command set Apt cache package management Dpkg command set Annie is Quizzes LAB Q & A Quick Recap.

4. Security Administration Shell Script and Virtualization
Learning Objectives In this module we will learn about Linux security administration Shell Script and Virtualization.

Topics SELinux Overview SELinux Tools SELinux Contexts SELinux Booleans Boot level security GRUB Security need for TCP wrappers /etc/inetd.conf /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny Xinetd Securing shell change default port prevent root access Securing Shell Public/ Private Securing Shell managing IP allow and deny Install and configuring antiviruses clamAV and LMD Different type of shell Shell script basics Executing shell scripts Header comments on script Redirection Environment Variables Conditions Loops Introduction to KVM Virtualization Virtual Machine installation Configuring Virtual Machines Annie is Quizzes LAB Q & A Quick Recap.

  1. The whole instructional class substance is in accordance with GKLM Tech accreditation program and helps you clear it effortlessly and land the best positions in the top MNCs. As a feature of this preparation you will take a shot at ongoing ventures and assignments that have massive ramifications in this present reality industry situation accordingly helping you quick track your vocation easily.
  2. Toward the finish of this preparation program there will be tests that impeccably mirror the kind of inquiries asked in the separate affirmation exams and helps you score better stamps in accreditation exam.

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The Hardware Requirements necessary for this course are Windows / Mac / Linux PC, Minimum 2GB RAM and 20 GB HDD Storage.

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